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Safety Supplies

available for delivery


  • Hexarmor Rig Lizard 2021 Gloves

  • Hexarmor Chrome 4026 Gloves

  • Coveralls

  • Jallatte Jalarcher SAS Lace up boots

  • Jallatte Jalarcher SAS Rigger boots

  • Dunlop Purofort+ Expander Full Safety with Vibram Sole

  • Dunlop Purofort+ Reliance Full Safety with Vibram Sole

  • Nautilus Lifeline PLB Marine Rescue GPS Model MOB, AIS Transmitter Personal Life Saving Beacon

  • Buddy Chat Pro (DUO package)

  • Buddy Chat Sport (DUO package)

  • Buddy Chat Sport and Pro (Trio package)

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