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NEBOSH IGC E-Learning Course

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How does the NEBOSH E-Learning Review operate?

  • This is a platform where you need to create an account for access.

  • It is made of high quality and standards which is an AUDIOVISUAL material that has subtitles and high-quality images to make the lessons clear and easy to understand.

  • To those who are concerned about reading, this can be helpful as you can just PLAY and listen anytime you prefer.

  • You will only have access once you pay or purchase the NEBOSH IGC Course.

  • You will have 6 months of access to your E-Learning materials/account.

  • You may use your cellphone or Laptop to access your E-Learning Materials.

  • You may access it anytime you want to use it.


What assistance will we receive when we enroll in the NEBOSH E-Learning Review?

  • In addition to E-Learning materials, you will also receive a variety of templates, guidelines, model risk assessment from NEBOSH, sample quizzes, and other references and guidance that will help you in reviewing and preparing your examination.

  • You also have access to our technical experts for your inquiries. You have the option to call, email, or email the instructor located on our E-Learning Platform.

  • We will also provide technical feedback on your practice exams to find out where else you should focus on your reviews.


I am done with my review, how about the EXAMINATION schedule?

  • When you finish your review, simply contact our SALES Coordinator to find out the schedule of EXAMINATIONs.

  • Please note that you only have access to NEBOSH E-Learning Materials for 6 months. You do not need to wait for 6 months before your exam. If you think you are ready after 3 weeks or 2 months review, then you may arrange the examination.


What and how do I get the NEBOSH IGC EXAMINATION?


NEBOSH IGC has 2 UNITS that you need to pass.

Unit IG1: Management of health and safety: (Take home-OPEN BOOK Examination for 24 hours)

The open-book assessment will begin by giving you a scenario. This will typically describe a realistic organization or workplace with an outline of normal operational activities and worker behavior. The scenario may go on to outline a developing situation, such as an incident or safety intervention. You may be asked to imagine that you hold a specific role, such as a safety manager, in the workplace described. You will be asked to carry out a series of tasks, which may be split into several sub-tasks. We will specify the maximum marks available for each to help you manage your time. These tasks will partially or entirely draw on the signposts and evidence within the scenario. Answers, therefore, need to be relevant to the scenario and, in some cases, specific evidence will be required to support answers. As there is an expectation of more detail and reflection, you will be given 24 hours to research and complete the examination. This is a challenge that tests your ability to interpret the scenario before answering the questions set using the knowledge gained through your General Certificate studies. You will be able to complete the assessment at home wherever you are in the world.


Unit IG2: Risk assessment: (You can submit your IG2 report whenever you feel ready and completed your RISK Assessment).

This is an assignment wherein you need to carry out RISK ASSESSMENT in your workplace.

Please take note that all templates, guidelines, a checklist, and a model risk assessment from NEBOSH will be given to you as soon as you have registered or after the payment confirmation for this training.

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