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What is Digital Delivery for BOSIET/TBOSIET/BOSIET with CAEBS?

OPITO has  launched the online learning method for the theory elements of the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) suite.

A Digital Alternative to Learning

The learning of the theory for the BOSIET, Tropical BOSIET and BOSIET CA-EBS suite of safety critical training has undergone a digital conversion and is available as an online alternative to attending classroom sessions at a training centre. Once completed, final verification and the practical day’s session can be carried out at an OPITO approved training centre.

The online learning is available for all three standards - Emergency Breathing System (EBS), Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) and Tropical BOSIET - and has been developed to be accessed on all devices including smart phones, desktops, laptops and tablets.

Learners across the world can access the digital delivery anytime and anywhere in the world where they can access the internet. 

The use of film footage, graphics, animation, voice over and text provides learners with a varied and interactive way to learn and helps prepare them for the practical training.

Five key benefits for employers, training providers and the workforce:

  1. The digital delivery provides an easy-to-access, flexible way to undertake the learning element of the BOSIET suite ahead of the practical session at a training centre. The online element is available to learners anytime and anywhere in the world where they can access the internet.

  2. It allows learning at the individual’s pace and enhances safety-critical knowledge through online assessment before progressing to the final verification and practical part of the training.

  3. Employers and workers gain time back through reduced days away from work (only one day required at the training centre for practical session).

  4. Travel and accommodation costs are reduced.

  5. Gives the training provider the opportunity to become a leader in the digital delivery of internationally recognised industry standards, and the ability to manage and affect increased efficiency at their centre.

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